Best Tools for Marketing Project Manager in 2021

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You can meticulously plan the tasks, big goals, and schedule for each project. Still, things happen: clients fail to submit necessary details, a key employee leaves, or a technical problem forces you to reconsider your approach. It can quickly escalate out of control when everyone is referencing a color-coded spreadsheet and reacting to a perplexing email thread. According to the Marketing Agency Growth Report 2018, one of the most crucial pain points for agencies is a lack of a project management framework. Agencies face constant difficulties in terms of growth due to their inability to handle their time and projects effectively. Approximately 20% of them have never used project management tools. And the results can be stressful: 43% of agencies lack sufficient free time to devote to administrative activities such as hiring, customer onboarding, and new business investments. 29 percent of agencies struggle with cash flow management, and 35 percent struggle with recruiting and talent management. Inefficient time management practices hindered 55% of agencies from expanding their sales and marketing activities, 24% faced market differentiation challenges, and 18% faced customer retention challenges due to a lack of processes or organization. That is why a vast number of agencies invest in tools for marketing project manager. They need an intuitive interface that allows them to keep track of deadlines, assignments, time, and budgets. They need something that people would want to use daily. And since each organization is unique, each agency requires a unique project management system. Here are 4 project management tools –

Top 4 Project Management Softwares in 2023

1. Clickup

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If your platform lacks essential functionality, a sense of order, or customization, you’re in for some severe roadblocks when handling projects for your team. So, what is the best course of action? – centralizing the requisite resources, hierarchy, and adaptability on a single platform. ClickUp ‘s goal to include an all-in-one solution that provides for these vital components that others lack. Here are five features that will completely erase your fears from the past.

  • Structure

With ClickUp’s structure, it’s simple to build tasks and arrange them all at once. If your primary focus is growth, marketing, or any of the hundreds of other business roles that involve management, we’ve built the platform with a sense of hierarchy from the start. Organizing tasks becomes effortless when you use Spaces, Projects, and Lists.

  • Multiple Views

ClickUp provides three view structures. Each of these has distinct advantages for a variety of positions, situations, and preferences.

  1. List View
  2. Board View
  3. Box View
  • Customization

Take control of the ClickUp platform. You may add or delete several features with ClickApps, including multiple assignees, due dates, and preferences. It enables you to personalize your platform experience and boost productivity in your team’s work environment. If you need a quick to-do list or a complex interface for your team’s workflow, ClickUp offers the adaptable environment you need.

  • Attaching files

You can upload files to either the attachments window or the comment feed inside a job. It’s never been easier to refer to particular records when conducting a mission.

  • Assign Comments

ClickUp maintains track of vital duties. You can create a simple notification to a particular assignee using assigned comments on the left side of the task window. It means you will see the appeal and be reminded of it constantly until it is resolved. Additionally, it notifies you precisely when tasks are completed. This means fewer comments fall through the cracks or become lost under other details in the feed for any given mission.

2. Wrike

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Wrike is a project management tool that combines an essential user experience and interfaces with enough power users’ complexity.

  • Organized file management

Clients need imaginative teams to submit and receive several revisions. As a consequence, they need a tool that enables continuous access to files and attachments. They often require versioning — a mechanism for tracking the most recent versions of file attachments, ensuring that the team does not end up dealing with several versions of the same file.

  • Seamless communication

Clients need imaginative teams to submit and receive several revisions. As a consequence, they need a tool that enables continuous access to files and attachments. They often require versioning — a mechanism for tracking the most recent versions of file attachments, ensuring that the team does not end up dealing with several versions of the same file.

  • Easy time tracking

Since the majority of creative agencies bill on an hourly basis, they should be able to monitor billable hours. The app should have an integrated timer so that you can conveniently keep track of your team’s hours.

  • Reporting using real time data

The program should allow you to easily generate reports from live data. This may be timesheets or weekly efficiency charts that summarize the team’s production. And non-technical users should be able to produce reports easily.

  • Resource management

It’s extremely beneficial to be able to see which team members or resources are available for a given project. As a result, the program can provide insight into the workloads of team members as well as booked and available resources. In short, when workload increases, a resource management system is needed.

  • Customizable workflow

Each creative team functions in its own distinct manner. As a result, you should be able to tailor the program to your specific workflow rather than forcing the team to work under the platform’s constraints. Essentially, you need a solution that allows for the customization of statuses and workflows.

3. Teamwork

Teamwork Logo

About 20,000 businesses worldwide depend on Teamwork project management tools. The solution includes all of the necessary resources for managing work, such as task management, file attachment, and social collaboration.

  • Track progress

Receive real-time status alerts and generate reports. You are aware of what is happening and are capable of addressing minor problems before they become major ones.

  • Improve collaboration

Make it simple to find vital information, such as project plans and specifics, files, and feedback.

  • Seamless communication

Maintain a central repository for conversations with teammates, customers, and vendors to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

4. Monday.com

Monday Logo

Monday.com is a straightforward approach for managing team deliverables and preparing future work. You can start using Monday immediately and integrate it with your favourite business tools.

  • Collaborate effectively

Put teams together on a common forum to break down communication walls, progress projects, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

  • Keep tracks of work progress

Access all progress reports, budget approvals, and more from a single site, and immediately understand the status of all your work.

  • Stay informed

Manage your resources effectively to save time, stop rework, and allow your team more time to work on innovative projects.

  • Customized workflow

Monday.com enables you and your team to schedule and track projects in seconds using agile, waterfall, and sprint methodologies.

  • Analyze workflow

Clear, visual, and intuitive project dashboards allow you to see the status of all of your projects at a glance.

These 4 tools for marketing project manager can help you streamline your work and reporting.