Top 5 Free Article Generator to Look for in 2021

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Table of Contents
  • Benefits of Using Free Article Generators For Content Creation
  • List of Top 5 Free Article Generator
  • 1. Frase.io 
  • 2. Article Forge
  • Features of Article Forge
  • 3. Kafkai
  • 4. Quillbot
  • Features of QuillBot
  • 5. WordAi
  • How WordAi Works?
  • WordAi Auto Spinner Features
  •  Key Takeaways

One of the most efficient ways to promote a business or a brand is through quality content that your audience from B2B and B2C expect to see. This implies avoiding creating a similar type of content – content that offers value and not mere information. But creating unique content regularly is quite a challenge. Not only do we often lack ideas, churning out fresh content is often taxing. 

If you research your competitors to see how their content is performing on the SERPs, you will see the standard of their content. Your content must consistently come out as original, bold, and creative to match up and gain a competitive edge. But how do you create a balance between quality content and the quantity of content daily? It can be done in 3 different ways – 

  • Outsource content writing to some writing services
  • Write the content yourself, or
  • Use an automated free article generator.

Yes, that’s right! Free article generators can help. Not only do they generate content automatically, but they also churn out quality, unique content. If you look up the search engines for free article generators, you will come up with a bunch of ineffective software. So, how do you find an effective free article generator?

In this blog, we have put together the top 5 free article generating tools. If you want to develop a robust online presence, you must opt for these tools. They come with topics that are relevant to the keywords, which in turn, are relevant to the target audience. These tools produce blog content, compelling marketing copy, ad copies, and the list goes on.  

Benefits of Using Free Article Generators For Content Creation

By the beginning of 2020, we realized that content marketing became a $300 billion industry by the end of 2019. But every organization knows the hardships involved in producing content from scratch. They know how time-consuming and expensive it is. From generating an idea, searching for the right and relevant keywords to producing thousands of words, it is a time-consuming process. 

Depending upon the level of research required for the topic, it takes hours and months. Marketers spend a lot of time dreaming about quirky email prose and ad copies – time that can be used productively with a compelling free article generator. These article generators produce content at the click of a mouse. But before you get too excited and complacent, you must know that they are susceptible to errors. They are not full proof. They need a good old human edit. Nonetheless, there are several benefits a free article generator offers. 

  • Free Article Generators Are Time Savers

Time is money. And it goes without saying that missing deadlines can be costly bait. Free article generators can churn out just about any number of words with the click of a tab. Surely you will need to read, edit and add your style and voice to the content. But they save time, nonetheless. 

  • Beat Your Writer’s Block With Free Article Generator

A writer’s block is a real struggle. It can put brakes on the process of content production. But free article generators based on Artificial Intelligence do not get stuck with writer’s block. It does not struggle to come up with creative ideas. So, if you are one of those writers who struggle to get started with a blank screen before you, a free article generator can bail you out. 

  • Free Article Generators Churn Out New/Fresh Ideas

At times, it becomes very challenging to come up with specific ideas and relevant keywords. No matter how hard you try or the amount of research you put up, it is difficult to think in a certain way. A free article generator can do what a human cannot. It can scan an infinite amount of content within seconds. This is specifically useful while looking for a burst of creativity while writing a new blog post. 

List of Top 5 Free Article Generator



Free Trail



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Article Forge


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Start a Free Trail

Without further delay, let us deep dive into the list of the top article generator software – 

1. Frase.io 

We are experiencing an age of information overload. Search engines return with millions of matches when we type a keyword. Well, that is amazing, but how do you go through all those search results to skim the most relevant content and then summarize it? This is where Frase.io comes into the picture. Frase is a free article generator. It is a handy content-generating tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help content marketers streamline the research and content creation process. The Frase.io tool, a free article generator, works at three fronts – 

  • It enables you to identify the best topics for churning your content by skimming the top search results for relevant keywords.
  • The tool automatically summarizes the content you are looking for.
  • It scans existing content and benchmarks against the competitors for your targeted keyword to identify gaps in the topic.

Frase creates better content faster by enabling you to focus on the more relevant topics to your audience. And this is not possible without AI. Frase.io uses ML and NLP to understand content across the Worldwide Web to produce the most pertinent content summaries. To understand Frase.io better, you need to look at the four critical areas of the tool. They are –

  • Content creation with Frase.io
  • Existing Content Optimization
  • Content Brief Creation
  • Content Curation To Be Shared With Your Audience

Let us discuss them one by one – 

  • Content Creation with Frase.io

Frase.io is a free article generator and a text editor with relevant topic research orchestrating in the background. You may wonder what it means. It implies that this tool is a smart processor that provides smart insights into your topic right next to you while you curate content. 

If you wanted to write content on, for instance, ‘AI Marketing,’ you would add a keyword ‘AI Marketing,’ and you would be taken to a content editor that appears like this – 

The kind of information you would get about the topic is – 

  • Content – Links to the best-performing, high-ranking articles on the given topic.
  • Topics – The number of times the topics are mentioned in those articles specific to the keywords.
  • Headlines – The top headlines for your topic are great for understanding the titles that work in search engines.

But there is more to it.

Every writer wants to create content that matches what the target audience is looking for. They do so by looking at the questions asked around the topic. 

The free article generator, Frase.io, has a ‘Questions’ feature so you can see the kind of questions people are asking on sites such as Quora, Reddit, and Q&A. You can then answer some of those questions in your content piece. 

  • Existing Content Optimization

The most critical functionality for content marketers is that it is about the one who creates the highest quality content and rules the roost of organic search. If you want to score high on a specific keyword or improve it to rank higher, it can be quickly done with Frase.io. 

You need to choose the Content Optimization document type and add the keyword you want to rank for along with the URL of the article you want to optimize.

And here is what happens next – 

Frase.io will process your content and analyze your target keyword’s top 20 search results to standardize the topics mentioned in those articles against yours. Then you get a content score that can be improved by adding the topics mentioned in the top-ranked articles for the mentioned keyword.

The topics that competitors mentioned in their content and you didn’t be highlighted grey. They can be explored further in the content you want to optimize. 

When you click on a topic, Frase.io will get back to you with related topics. It will then show you where the topic is explicitly mentioned in the search results. Once you have optimized your content, you can get back to the ‘Topics’ tab to check the content score. 

  • Content Brief Creation

The free article generator creates SEO briefs. It scans the top search results for the targeted keywords and fetches the topic that you should cover in the content. To begin with, you can choose the Content brief, enter the name of the document, and the keyword you want to rank for. 

The latter is significant because Frase.io will use this keyword to fetch the top 10 Google results for that keyword. It will provide you with an automated brief. 

What do you get in your brief? You get – 

  • Processed Sources
  • 10 Sources That Frase.io Analyzed
  • Average Source Length
  • Average Links Per Source

But that is not it.

This free article generator will list relevant topics in those 10 articles, the key highlights, vital statistics cited, and the summaries for the top ten search results. These automated content briefs fasten your SEO research process. Additionally, it allows you to add sections and comments to the briefs. 

  • Content Curation To Be Shared With Your Audience

Frase.io helps you summarize quality content from the Web to be shared with your audience. You can begin with creating a new document and click on ‘Content Creation.’ When you type in the relevant keyword, you start receiving news about your topic. 

From there, you must click on the link of each article to view the bulleted summary or click on ‘Add to Document’ to add an overview to your document in the editor automatically. It is an effective way to create a weekly newsletter from curated content in no time. You can add an introduction to the content summaries to personalize your newsletter for your targeted audience. 

2. Article Forge

A free article generator, Article Forge, is a website content writer tool that writes complete, full-fledged articles for you. You need to type in a keyword, and you will have freshly baked content a few moments later. It uses algorithms and churns out new articles within minutes.

Article Forge is not just a content spinning tool but your personal writer at work. All this sounds amazing. So you may wonder if Article Forge is the next big thing or if it can be the next best AI tool for producing high-quality content in minutes without the need of hiring expensive writers?The articles are worded to make complete sense, and they also pass plagiarism detectors such as Copyscape, etc.

Let us find out. 

Features of Article Forge

High-quality content is one of the most significant features of this free article-generating tool. The content generated via the tool encapsulates the whole idea of the topic and provides higher rankings on SERPs. Here are some of the fantastic features – 

  • Regular Content & Bulk Content Option

If you are looking for quality, high-ranking content in bulk simultaneously, you must try the ‘Bulk Article’ generation feature. This smart tool helps generate articles on specific keywords extensively and efficiently. The ‘Regular Article’ feature acts as a primary element of this free article generator. 

  • Add Video/Images

Irrespective of who you are, an occasional writer or a full-fledged content writer writing for a business website, Article Forge takes care of all aspects of your content. It offers the option of adding videos and images to increase the visibility of your articles with higher search engine rankings. 

3. Kafkai

Kafkai, a free article generator, is an AI article writer that aims to write human-quality articles within a few minutes. Theoretically, the tool can produce 10 times more work than humans. While AI writers are primarily effective in churning out short-form content such as ad copies and blog titles, Kafkai takes the route of long-form article writing a lot of competitors shy away from. Kafkai aims to get SEO professionals and marketers to use this content generation tool. 

The articles generated from Kafkai are around 500-900 words. The process of creating this article is quite simple. All you need to do is choose the niche and let Kafkai generate an article around it. Alternatively, you can also add an ideation paragraph to guide the direction of the content generated. Kafkai has a WordPress plugin to enable you to develop content directly on your blog. It is quite a handy feature for anyone using this platform.

There are three unique modes of operation in this content generation tool. The first two modes – Niche Article Writer and Advanced Niche Article Writer – use seeded and unseeded trained AI models. The third mode – General Wild Card Writer – is what you can experiment with to generate genuinely wild results in any niche.

  • Niche Article Writer – For a constant supply of new ideas for blogs, social posts, emails that you can edit and improve upon.
  • Advanced Niche Article Writer – Perfect for advanced article marketing, feeding a content-heavy business, and selling articles as a sideline.
  • General ‘Wild Card’ Writer – Ideal for experimentation, brainstorming, and writing unique articles in niches. 

Kafkai is based on a Machine Learning algorithm that can churn out articles from scratch. It generates unique content with its cutting-edge technology for SEO Managers and Marketers. 

4. Quillbot

QuillBot is an inexpensive paraphrasing tool available on the market that uses state-of-the-art AI to paraphrase any piece of content. The primary purpose of Quillbot is to rephrase content by replacing words with their synonyms and changing the structure of the sentences while preserving the meaning of the original content. This is one of the most popular free paraphrasing tools that automatically adds, subtracts, or changes words to create a brand new sentence.

Quillbot offers the option to ‘requill’ churn out fresh content. 

However, they may not be error-free. Some of them are pretty poorly written, while at other times, you can make minor changes. Quillbot, for being a free article generator, is easy to use. By reworking an article repeatedly, you could come up with something unique.

Features of QuillBot

It offers features that make the writing process smooth. Let us discuss the features in detail. 

  • Clean & Neat Editor – It offers a neat and clean environment wherein anyone new to the tool can also access it without any technical knowledge.
  • Web-based – This free article generator is a web-based tool that you can access anytime from anywhere.
  • Quill Modes – It offers 7 quill modes for creating content. You can select the modes according to your requirements.
  • Extensions & Add-ons: The tool offers Google chrome extension, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs add-ons to make the content creation process easy.
  • Summarizer: It helps you summarize any piece of content.
  • Word Flipper: This feature lets you regulate the word count replaced with the synonyms in your rephrased content. 
  • Quillbot API: This feature provides an API. If you want to implement this particular functionality into your applications, you can use its API.

5. WordAi

The last free article generator in the list, WordAi, is an automatic word spinning tool. It rewrites sentences and paragraphs and churns out new, unique, and valuable content. It supports English, French, Spanish, and Italian, but currently, only the English version is available. 

WordAi claims that it can tell the difference between words and ensure each synonym it picks makes sense. It understands what each word implies contextually. It often rewrites sentences entirely so that they do not share anything common with the original sentence. 

WordAi checks the entire article before it begins spinning to understand what the content is about. It then creates an advanced paragraph, and document level spins based on the understanding of the content making the content look human written.

How WordAi Works?

WordAi had many settings and options in the older version, and you could adjust spinning quality settings accordingly. The first spinning quality setting allows you to choose the quality of content you want WordAi to produce. It has Very Unique, Extremely Unique, Unique, Regular, Readable, Very Readable, and Extremely Readable options.

The second spinning quality setting allows you to choose whether you want WordAi to rewrite entire sentences for you automatically or not. The third spinning quality setting allows you to determine whether or not you want WordAi to rearrange or remove sentences automatically. The fourth spinning quality setting allows you to choose whether you want WordAi to spin paragraphs for you automatically or not.

The process is quite simplified, so you can quickly rewrite content. This is quite good in some ways, but many users prefer to control the process and choose which settings they want to enable while creating content.

When you log into a WordAi account, you will understand what WordAi is and what it can do for you. This way, you can test this free article generator before committing payments. A 3-day free trial will be enough for you to judge if WordAi is a worthy investment. WordAi can be integrated with other tools using API. 

WordAi Auto Spinner Features

If you have used content spinning software ever, you would know the benefits it comes with. However, this free article generator has a few features that other article spinners don’t. They are as follows.

  • The tool knows that one word can have several meanings depending on the context in which it is used. The tool produces far better content as a result.
  • It automatically rewrites entire sentences and paragraphs. Most free content generators offer this functionality, but only a few are good at it.
  • It understands the words and also the interaction between those words.
  • The tool comprehends concepts and ideas. It creates a much better sentence and paragraph spins, generating unique versions of the content.
  • The tool generates titles simply by reading the content before spinning it. The tool creates high-quality titles by figuring out what the article means.
  • The WordAi tool identifies and adds LSI keywords that make each rewritten sentence unique.
  • The tool eliminates spelling and grammar mistakes and automatically fixes errors.
  • The WordAi tool takes long sentences and splits them to be short, clear, and compelling.

 Key Takeaways

Ever since Search Engine Optimization came into the picture, marketers have been looking for ways to produce unique and high-quality content quickly and affordably. Be it blog posts, backlinks, or anything else, with a stream of unique content, marketers can now build money-making affiliate sites or get ranked on any website. In the SEO industry, we know it requires tons of high-quality content to satisfy the attention of search engines. The above-mentioned free article generators are instrumental in generating original, information-based, valuable content.