How CRM Helps Improve Business Performance

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  • Best Customer Relationship Management tools

A customer relationship management (CRM) approach lets you discover potential clients, attract their company, and give them competitive advantage by integrating customer and prospect details in a manner that helps you expand your company faster. CRM systems begin by gathering consumers via online websites, mobile, telephone, and social media data through different sources and platforms. Additionally, it can collect more content, such as current business news, and it can store private interests, such as personal preferences for communications. The CRM tools consolidate this knowledge to help you comprehend your preferences over time.

CRM tools can integrate with other business systems to help build client relationships. Today, CRM solutions communicate with other business tools like contract signing, accounting, payroll, and billing to provide a full view of the clients.

 AI and cognitive capabilities are built-in features of Customer Relation management which helps focus on higher-value activities efficiently. It allows you to properly organize your outreach as you learn about your clients’ behavior and responses. 

Best Customer Relationship Management tools

CRM software boosts profitability by streamlining logistical procedures in the manufacturing, marketing, and support departments, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most: i.e., creating and sustaining customer relationships.
A solid CRM solution is a multifaceted framework that stores everything you need to develop, improve, and maintain your customer relationships. You can miss out on revenue opportunities if you don’t optimize your operating processes or make the most of your client relationships or sales leads without the help of an integrated CRM solution. And this is where CRM tools come to play.
Here are some of the best CRM tool growth hackers are using today:

  • Apptivo

You’ll get all resources needed to run your company in one location with Apptivo. This majorly includes  CRM, online invoicing, a web assistance desk, email marketing software, cost reporting, and many such appealing features. Its CRM is designed so as to assist you in tracking the whole sales process and closing other deals to expand your business.

  • Freshworks

Freshworks’ CRM has everything you need, from keeping track of your sales process to closing deals to business expansion solutions. It provides a cohesive solution for sales and marketing teams, with features including page visit tracking, AI chatbots, custom web form development, and more. You can personalize the outreach, develop and nurture partnerships, and use AI to increase revenue/sales.

  • NetHunt

NetHunt is a popular CRM tool for Gmail users. It helps organize the customer database, automates monotonous and repetitive tasks, and facilitates innumerous features that assist in managing sales in a most efficient manner. It integrates multiple features and promotes business growth via drip campaigns, lead capture, and lead nurturing.

  • Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM platform designed to keep your business tightly focused on closing deals, tracking performance, and growing revenue.
Pipedrive also offers integration with various Lead Generation tools (like Klenty, Outplay), Email Marketing tools (like Mailshake), Data Management, Analytics, Bot & Messaging Tools, etc.

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