Top 7 Temp Mail Generators that Works Everywhere

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Table of Contents
  • What is a fake email address?
  • Why do I need a temporary mailbox?
  • What to Look for in a Temporary Email?
  • Ways to effectively Utilize a Temp Email:
  • Pros of using a temp mail services: 
  • Top 7 Temp mail generators
  • Temporary email: Ultimate solution for e-book fans
  • Issues with e-book downloading:
  • For enthusiastic readers, a temp mail is the best option

What is a fake email address?

A fake email account is what allows you to stay anonymous on the internet when signing up for things, receiving confirmation links, replying to emails, and forwarding emails.
You may be asked for your email address at various times and activities, such as when filling out an application form, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading an e-book. All of these actions are likely to result in spam in your inbox or the receipt of unsecured emails, so we may be hesitant to offer our normal email addresses.

In such cases Temp mail assist you in avoiding the use of your personal or official mailbox, enabling you to avoid spam emails. 

Why do I need a temporary mailbox?

Users who do not wish to disclose their email addresses require temp mail.

You usually are required to register to use any Internet service, such as a forum, a game website, or a dating website. It necessitates the use of a genuine email address, as you will be sent a link with registration confirmation. The website or forum will then begin distributing news, advertising, or other superfluous material via this service, which is known as “spam.”

Many individuals dislike “shining” their real or business postal addresses since it requires them to clean their mail regularly to remove any unnecessary notifications that show. Applying a spam filter to these sources is the most straightforward approach to eliminate this. However, advertising messages can accumulate on the box over time, and the filter can no longer manage it.

One of the options is to set up a mailbox specifically for this reason. However, the probability of it being hacked rises. The establishment of a “temporary” email address is a more intriguing and profitable choice! That’s where a devised system of temp mail comes to play.

What to Look for in a Temporary Email?

  • Allow users to generate temp mail accounts with only a click of their mouse.
  • There is no registration required, and no information about the user’s identity is collected.
  • It’s best if you don’t give out your email address.
  • It’s a good idea to provide multiple email addresses (as many as you may want).
  • Users are given a temp email mailbox (temp mail inbox).
  • The user interface is straightforward and practical.
  • Users can choose an address from a list of accounts provided by the supplier at random.
  • You can avoid spam and save time by using your favorite email service.

Ways to effectively Utilize a Temp Email:

Sign up for a Supermarket Rewards Card: Use a throwaway email account instead of your corporate email address if you don’t want to get promotional emails from the shop about new goods. If the business is hacked for email, your actual email address will not be compromised.

Investigate the App: After you’ve done creating a web app, you’ll want to test it before selling it. You may simply collect 100 throwaway addresses, create fake accounts, and try the software yourself instead of recruiting unsafe users online.

Create A Double Account Using A Web App: You’ll need another IFTTT account to program a second Twitter account for your marketing site. Get a new temp mail address to avoid maintaining a new email inbox while setting up a new account.

Eliminate Spam: For users who often utilize web forms, forums, and discussion groups, a disposable email account is a valuable weapon against spam. You can minimize spam to a bare minimum by using a throwaway email address.

Pros of using a temp mail services: 

  • To obtain a temp mail account, no personal information is necessary. The only thing a user needs to do is download and instal the app on Android.
  • With a simple click, the address is altered.
  • A temp email address has no kind of dependency or relation to the user’s other email accounts.
  • Facilitates with a large number of domains that are routinely updated (@gafy.net, @12hosning.net, and many others).
  • A user has the right to have his or her email address removed at any time. All data is also deleted, including IP addresses.
  • For the email address, a user can choose any username, such as jason.r@12hosting.net, homefurnishing@12hosting.net, and so on. Only the online version of the app has this function.

Top 7 Temp mail generators

The majority of internet users only have a few, if any, e-mail addresses. Using temp mails is also helpful for them when they need to surreptitiously register on any website or send mail to a possible spammer. The temp mail has the same functionality as the regular mailbox and, as a result, may be used for the same things. However, Temp email addresses are only valid for a short period of time.

1. EmailOnDeck

Things have changed dramatically in recent years, particularly when it comes to Internet privacy.

In the early days, If you needed to enter your email address online in the late 1990s or early 2000s, you could usually just make one up on the spot. For example, nicky@aol.com or test@hotmail.com.
These email addresses weren’t even required. Most websites failed to check if these email addresses were capable of receiving email. Usually, they only double-checked that you had a “@” sign and a.com, net.edu, or.org top-level domain (referred to as the big-four).

Over time, website owners noticed that customers mistyped their email addresses and desired/needed more email address verification. So began the process of entering your email address and then entering it again to confirm it. The results were mediocre at best since many consumers just copied and pasted their original input box into the confirm input box. They used to do a number of tests on social networking websites, including: Does the mail server genuinely exist? Is the email server up and running? Is the specified email address accepted by the email server?

The website only accepted the email address as legitimate and permitted the user access the site after answering all of these questions. Most people only had one email address at the time. It was most likely the email address given to you by your internet service provider (ISP) or your school. Though, as time went on, individuals began to utilise free email online applications such as Hotmail and Gmail. It’s quite easy to trace the same identity throughout the web if you only have one email address and use it for everything from banking and personal communications to social and dating sites.

Temp mail accounts have been gaining popularity recently. People understood the need of having many online identities. One for business, one for personal use, and one for enjoyment, among other things.
Today, EmailOnDeck is the most reliable temp email solution for safeguarding your online privacy. It doesn’t keep track of your emails and deletes your records on a regular basis. It empowers you and assists you in continuing to defend your privacy online from the hundreds of people who wish to take it.

This email service by ‘EmailOnDeck’, though it gives unique temp email addresses, is not advised for long-term usage. This is due to the fact that the provider cleans out its services on a regular basis. Furthermore, there is no set time limit for emails to remain in the inbox, and you may not be able to recover them once they have been erased. You may, however, get your email address back at any moment. In our testing, we discovered that the nicest feature about EmailOnDeck is that it receives practically every single verification email immediately.

2. 10minutemail.com

The service provides you with an email account that automatically deactivates after 10 minutes, as the name says. There is, however, the option of extending the timer for further 10-minute increments, and so on. This website is highly useful if you want to test out a new online subscription service for email verification but don’t want to use your own email address. Several comparable services, such as 10minutemail.net and 10minemail.com, operate in a similar manner.

Benefits of using 10minutemail.com

Many Internet tasks need the use of an email address. However, if you give out your genuine address to everyone who asks, you risk having your inbox flooded with hundreds of spam letters.

Using public wifi or airports to reveal your actual email compromises your privacy and security, putting you at risk of phishing or malware assaults.

Use an immediate interim mail address in our app to receive any incoming messages, including attachments, to avoid this and keep your inbox uncluttered. By default, the created address will expire after 10 minutes, however you may prolong the usage duration if necessary.

With the Free version, you can: 

  • Create a disposable temp mail address for 10 minutes (no registration required) 
  • Copy Temp Mail address to Clipboard and paste it wherever you want (e.g. registration forms) 
  • Receive incoming emails to your disposable email address ( inbox ) 
  • Receive push notifications when new emails arrive 
  • Read, download, or delete emails from within the inbox

3. TempMail

TempMail is another publicly accessible email service. This service allows two persons to use the same alias and receive the same email as a result. We advise against using this sort of email address to sign up for any service. This is because if someone else uses the same alias and domain, it might be hacked.

Why should you use Temp Mail?

  • Hide yourself from spam 
  • No signup necessary 
  • Generate temp mail / disposable email 
  • Protect your privacy and anonymity by not allowing spam in your personal mailbox
  • Receive multiple or single attachment(s) that may be downloaded from email
  • Multi-language

With the Temp Mail app, you can: 

  • Instantly generate a new email address
  • copy to clipboard or use a QR-code
  • automatically receive emails and attachments
  • receive push notifications of new emails
  • read incoming emails, including attachments
  • download sources (EML), including attachments
  • quickly delete and/or generate new email addresses.

4. YopMail

YOPmaill provides customers with 8 days of storage capacity. It also includes a user interface that is easy to use and supports several languages. You can write emails on this server as well, but you can only send them to other people using YOPmail. The sole disadvantage of this service is that it still uses an insecure protocol, HTTP, rather than HTTPS, which is more widespread these days.

These are just a few of the services we recommend for a temp email address. The majority of these services are safe and secure, and their privacy policies are well-known. However, any temp mail service should not be used to share personal, sensitive, or private information. Give them a go the next time you’re seeking for online anonymity.

How does YOPmail keep you safe?

If you want to be secure, don’t give out your original email address too often during sign-ups. It’s possible that your information will be misused. To protect yourself from spam and scams, use YOPmail’s free disposable email accounts.

To join up anywhere, send an email to ‘any-name-of-your-choice’@yopmail.com. Email sent to ‘address’@yopmail.com gets produced instantly on the YOPmail server. YOPmail does not require registration to check your temp mailbox.
Inboxes do not have a password. As a result, either come up with a unique inbox name or utilise YOPmail’s Address Generator. For more protection, you can utilise the email alias in your inbox.

Messages are retained for a further eight days. You may also manually erase them, however sending emails from YOPmail is restricted to avoid misuse of the service. However, you may send an anonymous email to a different YOPmail address.

5. Guerrilla Mail

Users can only save their inbox for one hour using this email address. It also doesn’t require any kind of registration, which makes the email setup procedure go fairly quickly. This service’s most unusual feature is that it also allows users to compose emails. To avoid any kind of misuse, the sender’s IP address is encoded in the email.


  • You may pick your own address using our phoney email and password generator.
  • Guerrilla Mail will remove all future spam emails sent to this temp mail address.
  • It assists you in maintaining a secure and tidy inbox.
  • The email will expire in 60 minutes.

6. MohMal 

This service only allows you to view your emails for 45 minutes. If you want to keep the email for longer, you can keep refreshing it. Users may also establish their own alias and domain with MohMal.

Why should you use Mohmal?

  • Hide yourself from spam 
  • No signup necessary 
  • Generate disposable temp mail 
  • Protect your privacy and anonymity by not allowing spam in your personal mailbox
  • Receive multiple or single attachment(s) that may be downloaded from email
  • Multi-language

With Mohmal you can: 

  • Instantly generate a new email address
  • copy to clipboard or use a QR-code
  • automatically receive emails and attachments
  • quickly delete and/or generate new email addresses

7. ThrowAwayMail

The ThrowAwayMails have a 48-hour validity period. You must visit the email page before the first 48 hours are over if you want to keep the email for longer. We also recommend that you enable cookies for the best experience.

Why to use ThrowAwayMail:

ThrowAwayMail.com is a service that provides you with a temp mail account.  When you visit ThrowAwayMail.com, you will be given a unique email address.
Email may be sent to the created temp email address right away. Any email you receive will be shown on the main page. The emails that you receive will only be seen by you.
It’s vital to remember that an temp email address is only valid for at max 48 hours. When an email address expires, the address and any emails received with it are no longer valid.

There are several benefits to utilising a throwaway email address:

  • You might wish to share your email address with someone without disclosing your identity. 
  • Many a times you might want to join up for a website or web service, but you’re worried that the website may spam you afterwards. This is where temp mail comes to rescue.

Temporary email: Ultimate solution for e-book fans

The advancement of modern civilization has brought us a plethora of technology aimed at making everyday living easier. Every day, dozens of new applications are released of tremendous interest to both professionals and regular users. Electronic books have become a notable technological invention in the twenty-first century, yet they were once a novelty and out of reach for many people. Finally, consumers recognized that purchasing a single device would be more cost-effective than buying hundreds of printed books.

Issues with e-book downloading:

You must find an installation file for your favorite literary work on any of hundreds of Internet resources to install it on your device, and here is where book lovers run into issues. For security reasons or copyright issues, most websites demand a user to submit their genuine email address. Some websites even send a link to the personal email address and encourage users to follow it. Unfortunately, most visitors are discouraged from downloading or purchasing an e-book as a result of this. Users are demotivated because they do not want to provide personal information or receive spam messages, which many Internet websites send out in considerable quantities.

Using a regular email address during registration might lead to minor issues later on, such as annoying spam in your mailbox. Some people strive to limit their electronic mail use to business and job-related matters and avoid giving out their legitimate email address elsewhere because every communication that isn’t related to work irritates (at best) or slows down company procedures.

In these cases, an alternative to utilizing regular email accounts should be considered, and a temp mail is the best option. The user can erase the temporary email box after finishing the desired task.

For enthusiastic readers, a temp mail is the best option

It only takes a few clicks to create an email account, and it just takes one click to utilize a new email box. Even for those who are new to the website, the user-friendly interface is simple to grasp. A temp email address has a one-of-a-kind name, and no user will be given the address previously issued to another.

A temp mail account is the best option for consumers who want to download an electronic book from a website that wants them to provide their email addresses. As a result, the bookworm may easily download the desired book on their device without revealing their usual email address.